bunq | ambassadors ’18


bunq is a Dutch mobile bank that offers easy tools to its users that make banking uncomplicated. bunq is a bank for the entrepreneurs, travelers, adventure-seekers and free thinkers, bunq is the #bankofthefree. In order to bring this story to the target audience in a personal and relevant way, &.agency matched bunq with extreme sporter Ruben Lenten and set-up a 360 degree strategic partnership. Lenten acts as a brand ambassador on bunq events, on social media and his kite gear is bunq branded.

  • Main objective¬†

Generate awareness and educate the target audience about bunq.

  • Target audience

Men 18-30 years old who are tech-savy.

  • Who is involved?


  • Outcome

This campaign has generated more than 3M+ views so on all channels.