Opel | #GenerationO

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Opel approached &.agency to help them with a PR event for influencers. In a brainstorm session together with Louder, Opel’s own event agency, we came up with #GenerationO.

Opel is an early adapter in influencer marketing and already works with more than 15 influencers that are ambassadors for Opel.

Normally a PR event is organized to introduce people to a new product, but this time we did it a totally different way.

At &.agency we believe in working together. All parties should benefit from the collaboration. Because of this, we launched #GenerationO with Opel: How to reach your next generation in marketing. A group of Opel ambassadors were challenged to pitch a future marketing strategy: how to reach Millennials effectively. Well-known creatives helped the influencers, at different Instagram-proof locations in Amsterdam, to shape their ideas and prepare the pitch for the CEO of Opel Netherlands.


Organize an event for influencers that they really want to visit and gain new output for the marketing plans for Opel


Without giving financial incentives the influencers managed to reach more than 1.5 million views on all post. The influencers posted 38 postings in total.