Magioni | #PizzaWithaPurpose


Magioni is the creator of guilt-free pizza. They believe in a world where you don’t have to choose between delicious and healthy, a world where fast-food can become fit-food and pizza is your next healthy pleasure. In the light of the introduction of 4 new topped pizzas the #PizzaWithaPurpose campaign was launched. In order to support Magioni’s message to become more nutritious, support an active lifestyle, be innovative when it comes to food and become a 100% vegetarian brand, we created an ambassador program in which each influencer embodies one of these goals.

Main objective

Drive positive brand awareness and interest for Magioni, by introducing them to the new pizzas.

Target audience

Dutch women (80%) and men (20%) with an age between 20-35 years old, such as The Young Mommy, The Active Fitgirl, The Trendy Millennial, The Social Sally.

Who is involved?








This campaign has generated over 2 million views on all channels. Meaning that it has overachieved the KPI with 36%.