La Roche-Posay Dermclass

  • About

The DermClass event is a recurring format with the main purpose to position La Roche-Posay as a expertise brand. Connecting to renowned dermatologists, several DermClass events will be hosted focussing on different themes. In 2019 we organized the first edition of the DermClass event at Villa Nicola, hosted by ambassador Carolien Spoor. This edition was all about skin damage after sun exposure and how to protect your skin the best way.


  • Who was involved?

@carolienspoor – host of the class


  • Outcome

PR coverage in several beauty- and mommy lifestyle magazines & online platforms. Goal to educate and bring knowledge to the expertand medicalĀ  background of La Roche-Posay was achieved.

Professional photo- and video content as well as short Q&A videos with the dermatologist were created for La Roche-Posay owned social channels.