KCST | Movie Night


Founded by two ex-colleagues, KCST was born from a desire to build a loungewear brand based on comfort and self-care. A brand that feels like a warm hug. By launching this brand, KCST hopes to be part of a shift towards a more value-driven industry that embraces quality and consciousness over thoughtless consumption. In order to celebrate the winter season and its cold and breezy days, KCST will organize a movie night for a selected group of influencers, (followers) and press.

Main objective

To introduce KCST to relevant press, micro influencers, stylists and fashion editors, and increase awareness for the starting brand. 

Target audience

Stylish, cool & sophisticated women.

Who was involved?










Christel van der Spoel


The campaign managed to reach 473.6k+ earned impressions. Even though an event and PR seeding was included, the campaign had a very low CPM of €4,01.