KCST | ambassadors


Founded by two ex-colleagues, KCST was born from a desire to build a loungewear brand based on comfort and self-care. A brand that feels like a warm hug. By launching this brand, KCST hopes to be part of a shift towards a more value-driven industry that embraces quality and consciousness over thoughtless consumption. For our campaign we carefully selected female ambassadors that could show their following what lounging means to them and display the versatility of the KCST loungewear. 

Main objective

Creating awareness about the KCST and everything this newly brand stands for (e.g. comfort as self-care, buy less, buy better, conscious because we care) to drive sales amongst new potential customers.

Target audience

Women with an age between 26-40 years; the young urban professional, the young conscious mom and the newly working millennial.

Who is involved?