Holland Casino | launch campaign


Holland Casino is the greatest casino in The Netherlands and has recently launched the NXT, a contemporary playing zone within the current casino aimed at the starting player. A young concept that focuses on fun and interaction with other guests, dealers & hosts. The NXT is a night out full of entertainment, music and low bet games (American Roulette, Diceball, Black Jack and the Pulse Arena). A unique experience! 

We created a campaign focused on the introduction of the NXT to the target group. The face of this campaign is bizzey, one of the most renowned rappers in The Netherlands. Bizzey released a track dedicated to- and filmed in the NXT. With paid advertising he teased his clip ‘Wij Rulen de Nacht’, and got his following acquintanted with the new concept.

A local ambassador program was set up to invite local influencers, together with friends, to come to the NXT. Their visit started off with a culinair dinner in the Holland Casino restaurant, after which they could enter the NXT and experience an adventurous & fun night out. Their experiences were shared through their social media channels.

Main objective

Getting the target group acquainted with the new zone in the Holland Casino: NXT.

Target audience

Women and men with an age of 24+ that love an adventurous night out and dare to play a game.

Who is involved?




The Bizzey advertising campaign has generated over 2.4 million views on all channels. Meaning that it has overachieved the KPI with 35%.

Bizzey his track ‘Wij Rulen de Nacht’ reached more than 2.3 million streams.

The local ambassador campaign has generated over 1.9 million views on all channels. The KPI is overachieved with 59%.