HelloFresh | ambassadors


HelloFresh is a German origin meal subscription service company active in Western Europe, the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. HelloFresh offers a wide range of healthy and flavorous meals which are pre-packed in boxes and send to the wished address. The thinking process of ‘what to eat tonight?’ and the hassle of doing groceries is all handled by HelloFresh, which makes the company a helping hand in the daily lives of families. 

In 2020 we recreated the ambassador program of 2019 and we will work with new and fresh ambassadors. Again, this program consists of female ambassadors from the Benelux, but we will make a deeper dive when it comes to the actual brand HelloFresh and what it stands for, instead of sole product focus. With this campaign we aim to bring forth the values of HelloFresh and its sustainable pillars.

Main objective

Keep HelloFresh on top of mind as the number one food delivery service, drive trial amongst new potential customers & generate positive brand awareness amongst the target audience. 

Besides these key main objectives, we take a step further in 2020 by informing the target group of the sustainable story and related values behind HelloFresh.

Target audience

Women from the Benelux between 20 and 50 years old.















This campaign is currently running.