Future Farm | ambassadors



Future Farm is a Brazilian based food tech company that creates plant-based meat products that offer the same texture, juiciness and taste as real animal meat. Providing the same experience as regular meat, without animal suffering and less environmental impact. But with exceptional taste! At Future Farm innovation, taste and sustainability are key as this brand offers a powerful combination that makes conscious consumption accessible and tasty. We created a campaign in which brand ambassadors hosted a BBQ with a twist for friends & family; a veggie BBQ! Each influencer got creative and made at least 3 different, veggie recipes with Future Farm products that were easy to make and inspired their followers.

Main objective

Introduce the Future Farm brand, drive awareness and boost their products;  Future Farm’s burger, minced meat, or meatballs.

Target audience

Amsterdam based flexitarians and environmentally conscious people (60% female, 40% male), with an age between 25-40 years old.

Who is involved?





This campaign has generated over 1.3 million views on all channels. Meaning that it has overachieved the KPI with 25%.