bunq | ambassadors ’18

  • About

In 2018 &.agency partnered up with 4 macro influencers in the entertainment & sports segment for bunq. bunq is an online bank, that facilitates smart payment solutions for its customers:  private clients/individuals and entrepreneurs/business owners. The influencers integrate important bunq products & entry points into their daily lives and create content for their own channels on a monthly basis.

  • Challenge

Reaching the primary TA M16-30 in an effective way through content that stands out & sticks with their audiences. By highlighting the personal goals & entrepreneurial initiatives of the influencers, we create a strong and relevant link with bunq & its entry points. In doing so, we build awareness as well as the bunq image in general, increase the consideration level and stimulate new bunq users.

  • Outcome

This campaign has resulted into 6.5M impressions on all channels.

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