Body&Fit INT | ambassadors


Body&Fit is a Dutch company that was founded 25 years ago. They’re on a mission to inspire the world to live a fitter and healthier life. Body&Fit is always supporting your fitness journey, in every possible way. From losing weight or gaining muscle with the right foods and supplements to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, Body&Fit helps people finding the right products that fit with their personal fitness goals. This ambassador program is rolled out nationally and internationally, namely in the following markets: Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, the U.K., Russia, Poland, Japan and South Korea. Our experts make sure that the content that is posted, gets boosted by extra paid advertisement to reach an even broader audience. &.agency is the global influencer marketing and brandend content agency of Body&Fit.

Main objective

Further establishment of Body&Fit the brand, both nationally and internationally. Drive positive brand awareness and interest for Body&Fit across borders, from Southern Europe, South-East Asia to Australia, and build authority in the sports segment.

Target audience

Dutch and non-Dutch women (40%) and men (60%) who want to become or stay fit.

Who is involved?

The Body&Fit campaign consists of multiple brand ambassadors, among others:







This ongoing campaign has generated on average over 10 million views on all channels per month. Meaning that the campaign overachieves the KPI on a monthly basis