pr & events



Doing effective PR for brands has never been so challenging. This due to a rapidly evolving media landscape, the rise of digital, the decline of the traditional and the saturation in the market. It has never been so important to stand-out, be relevant and consistent in the way you roll-out your PR activities.

At &.agency we strongly believe in the relevance of PR. In today’s world we see that it works best in combination with other (paid) efforts. We are experienced in using this superpower to establish the right synergy between paid & earned media.

our approach

  • We do traditional PR with a digital twist; by involving data and measurability in the decision-making process
  • We add PR to the total mix of efforts; combining paid influencer programs with PR/earned elements in order to reach a high level of authenticity
  • We only organize meaningful events; not just that ordinary awkward PR event without a purpose
  • We believe in a tailor-made approach; whether it’s group or personal focused, events are the perfect opportunity to strengthen stakeholder relationships and stimulate positive brand exposure