influencer marketing



Influencer Marketing is not only a buzz term, it is one of the most effective communication tools that can help your brand reach the most important target audience. Influencer Marketing is of all times, and stems from the principle that people identify themselves with peers; a personal experience or recommendation is always more relatable than a generic or abstract one.

&.agency knows how important it is for brands to utilize this in the right way. With every Influencer Marketing strategy we write, we have at the forefront of our minds the secret to Nike’s Michael Jordan campaigns in the 90s: using Jordan not only as a name, but collaborating with him in 360 degrees and making him a full brand representative.

our approach

  • We handle strategy first; we fully dive into your brand DNA and see who is the right match for your brand
  • We construct partnerships with a long-term perspective; also when it comes to short-term activations we think about what comes next
  • We look at relevancy; a personal approach per influencer looking at their personal situation and how it matches your brand and your audience
  • We look further then monetary compensation only; how all parties involved can positively benefit from each other
  • We build and maintain relationships, this is the core of our DNA. That’s how we’re able to establish the right synergy between paid and earned media
  • We value Data above everything; we make choices based on real-time knowledge not just on gut-feeling