&. our powers

how we can help your brand reaching your objectives effectively
Everyone has its own talents and expertise, so do we! We call them our superpowers. By really diving into your brand and your objectives we define tailor-made strategies in order to reach your objectives. In everything we do, we add that extra little spark to our campaigns. Making them rememberable and stand-out from the rest.

influencer marketing

  • We handle strategy first

  • We construct partnerships with a long-term perspective
  • We look at relevancy

  • We look further then monetary compensation only
  • We build and maintain relationships
  • We value Data above everything

branded content

  • We first look at the purpose of the content
  • We look at the right formats and angles that fit
  • We are original
  • We are bold
  • We only work with the best of the best

social media management

  • We create relevant content per channel and purpose
  • We handle strategy first
  • We make sure everything is aligned
  • We can scale up your social media campaigns

pr & events

  • We do traditional PR with a digital twist

  • We add PR to the total mix of efforts
  • We only organize meaningful events
  • We believe in a tailor-made approach

  • Connecting brands to sponsorship opportunities