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it all starts with a kiss and it ends with a bang
&.agency is founded by Britt Hogenhuis & Sophie van der Schaft. Two female powerhouses who don’t shy away from sassy marketing solutions. They are StoryTellers ánd StoryDoers, delivering ideas that punch, charm, bang and twist - but most importantly: always make impact.

After years of experience in the influencer space, we decided it was time for a change. It’s our mission to professionalize the market and educate it where needed. We don’t believe in fake sponsorships & dedicate a lot of time and energy into monitoring campaigns and measuring true success through in-depth research.
  • Sophie van der Schaft | Co-Founder & Strategic Director

    She is our co-founder & Strategic Director. Responsible for strategy & new business and a true powerhouse. With years of industry experience, an exquisite eye for detail and strategic vision she knows how to close international clients in fast speed. But be ware; she also has a crazy side, take her to a party and she will turn off the lights. Make sure to keep an eye out on this adventurous and ambitious spirit, much more to come.

  • Britt Hogenhuis | Co-Founder & Commercial Director

    She is co-founder & Commercial Director of &.agency. She is responsible for commercial partnerships & new business activities for the agency. This hardworking boss lady loves to connect with her large network and to launch new projects and initiatives on a daily basis. Did you know Britt is a huge fan of Ajax and Bali and she is a true beach girl? Also, she is always in for a good laugh and dance; as a professional festival-goer she won't miss out national & international events.

  • Ylva van Wijk | Project Director

    She is our lovely Project Director. This beauty manages the project team and is responsible for &.agency key clients such as L'Oréal, FOREO and HelloFresh. Ylva is a mother of the lovely Laïs, has the best eye for interior and decorating places and likes a good chat better than a full body workout. Fun fact: Ylva can get pretty loud, that's how she acquired her nickname 'Megafoon Mindy'. We love you though!

  • Jeroen de Haas | jr. Project Manager

    Let us introduce to you Jeroen! Jeroen is our jr. Project Manager. Fresh from university, with a big passion for content creation and marketing. Apart from this, he is a sucker for karaoke and you know what?! Jeroen is a true foodie and loves good food and fine wine and listened to the new Beyonce album 76 times already the last week. We love every bit of this fun and lovely personality!

  • Jody Klaassen | Strategic Manager

    Meet Jody our Strategic Manager, responsible for putting together amazing concepts and strategies, whilst always keeping an eye on detail. Jody has the biggest heart and is very much involved in making the world a better place. Born from her passion for sustainability she also launched her own lifestyle platform, where she is selling vintage interior treasures, giving curated pieces a second life. Did we already tell you we just love her positive energy and - maybe even more - the (always) big smile on her face?

  • Imani Derksen | Creative Assistant

    Imani is our super talented Creative Assistant. She is responsible for our social media and designs. Imani is proud co-owner of her own marketing business, a true fashion lover and Beyoncé fan since day one. Fun fact: Imani is a true sweet tooth. At the office Imani only needs a big bag of blue Doritos and a bag of 'Apenkoppen' and she will be set for the day. Oh.. and how do we LOVE her full head of curls?

together we create brand new stories
We have been working closely both with advertisers and social content creators for many years. In doing so, we have gathered so much relevant information & data that this has been the start of our business: a two-sided approach where we consult both sides of the industry. We consider everyone as an equal partner while creating stories together.

Read more about this in our mission.