&. our story

it all starts with a kiss and it ends with a bang
&.agency is founded by Britt Hogenhuis & Sophie van der Schaft. Two female powerhouses who don’t shy away from sassy marketing solutions. They are StoryTellers ánd StoryDoers, delivering ideas that punch, charm, bang and twist - but most importantly: always make impact.

After years of experience in the influencer space, we decided it was time for a change. It’s our mission to professionalize the market and educate it where needed. We don’t believe in fake sponsorships & dedicate a lot of time and energy into monitoring campaigns and measuring true success through in-depth research.
together we create brand new stories
We have been working closely both with advertisers and social content creators for many years. In doing so, we have gathered so much relevant information & data that this has been the start of our business: a two-sided approach where we consult both sides of the industry. We consider everyone as an equal partner while creating stories together.

Read more about this in our mission.