social media management



The value of owned channels, even when they are perfectly aligned with your brand, are often underestimated. There are few brands who understand the real ins and outs of social media. Few brands who know which channels are most relevant for which purpose and where they will find their key demographic. Few brands that are communicating effectively with their audience and taking full advantage of today’s media & marketing landscape.  

So many great opportunities, it’s a shame to let them go to waste! We’re here to help you grab them with both hands.

&.agency helps brands build an online presence that is a perfect fit; on every channel, for every angle, through every piece of content, every single time.

our approach

  • Strategy-first: a good strategy, don’t leave home without it! We tailor your strategy and codify it in a brand book with rules, content angles and posting strategy.
  • Content fit for purpose, fit for each channel: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Podcasts, unified messaging, different approach.
  • Holistic approach: everything in harmony. We make sure that the social media strategy is on-brand and in line with the overall brand strategy.
  • Scale up your socials: by using the right paid targeting strategy we know how to reach your consumer effectively across all media.