pr & events



PR for your brand has probably never felt so challenging. The rise of digital has led to a decline in traditional marketing, budget constraints, saturation of the market. You need to stand-out more than ever, be relevant, consistent and use PR to add meaning as well as value to your branding.

&.agency knows that PR is still relevant. As part of an up-to-date, 360 marketing plan it can have a big impact, especially when there is the right balance of paid and earned media amplifying those IRL events digitally.

our approach

  • Traditional PR with a digital twist: digitally amplified, data insights, measurable outcomes.
  • PR as one ingredient in the larger marketing mix: combining paid influencer programs with PR/earned elements in order to reach a high level of authenticity.
  • Meaningful events or no events: forget that awkward, purposeless press junket, make it a real night to remember!
  • A tailor-made approach: stimulate positive brand exposure and strengthen stakeholder relationships with tailor-made events for groups which maintain a personal feel.