influencer marketing



Influencer Marketing is no longer just a buzz-word. In the always-online world it is one of the biggest power-tools in your communications tool-kit. People like people, we identify with our peers, so a personal recommendation, a shared experience or a friendly nudge will always be more effective than a generic sales pitch.

&.agency knows how important it is for brands to utilize this in the right way. With every Influencer Marketing strategy we write, we keep the Nike’s Michael Jordan campaigns of the ‘90s at the forefront of our minds: Jordan was not just a name, through collaborating with Nike in 360 degrees he became a complete brand representative.

our approach

  • We are always strategy-first: we decode your brand DNA and then match you with the perfect ambassador.
  • We form partnerships with a long-term perspective: even when it comes to short-term activations we think about what comes next.
  • We look at relevancy: how does an influencer’s personal branding, situation, character and audience match yours? Where is the audience overlap?
  • We look at the full range of benefits: what can each potential partner offer the other? We think beyond monetary compensation alone.
  • We are experts in building and maintaining relationships: this is at the heart of everything we do, and it is key to finding the right synergy between paid and earned media.
  • We value Data above all else: we make choices based on real-time knowledge not just on gut-feeling.