&. our mission

after a wave of mass-media, influencer marketing allows conversations to once again be personal.
We live in a fast moving world. Face-to-face contact and personal connections have become rare. Modern technologies, the ever changing media landscape and new consumer insights demand tailor-made solutions.
we professionalize the market with expertise & data research
Influencer marketing only thrives when the content is appealing & the perfect match is in place. By understanding both sides of the market, &.agency knows as no other how successful branded content partnerships are built and maintained. We believe that relationships evolve over time and become increasingly stronger, richer and more interesting. Therefore, we invest in all of our partners and spend time & energy into creating beautiful things.

We don’t believe that success is only expressed by the number of likes on a post. On the contrary, it is a much more complex matter. By investing time, energy & brainpower into in-depth research we strongly believe that we bring our work to the next level.

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