Why invest in influencer marketing?


5 reasons




As an individual we are more inclined to believe people who have a big following over a simple marketing campaign. Influencers have become a major part of our lives as they bring us along on their journey and make us feel like we know them. This feeling of connectedness affects our opinions and beliefs about the brand that they promote, which therefore influences our behavior and makes us more likely to purchase the product in question. 




Influencer campaigns are extremely easy to measure. As technology improves, we can now measure all data (e.g conversions, comments and likes) through easy social media tools. This allows us to estimate how well your influencer campaign has done and how we can improve it next time. 




People often think it is not possible to use influencers in work fields that have nothing to do with lifestyle, beauty or fashion. However, influencer marketing can be implemented in all branches. For example, influencers that are mothers can be asked to do a campaign about parenting, food influencers can inform their followers about organic eating or a balanced lifestyle and a human rights activist can be an advocate on the Black Lives Matter movement. 




Influencers are creative people who possess the ability to tell an authentic story through photos and videos. By using influencers as a marketing tool for your brand, you can be assured to receive amazing content for the product in question. This content can then be reshared on multiple social media accounts and platforms what makes for great exposure for your brand.





It is recommended to use more than one influencer for your marketing campaign, as this spreads the influence more widely which results in reaching a broader audience. If your brands target market aligns with the influencer’s following, there is no doubt that this will generate sales very quickly. 


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