Why do we focus on data?


&.agency proudly calls itself a data driven agency. After hopping on the big data train and becoming an early adopter in using data in the influencer marketing field, we expanded our knowledge by learning from every project. Find out more about our way of working below.

The power of data

To be able to achieve the best results for every client we work with, we use the power of data. We believe that every choice should be made on solid foundations. From the smallest details in a simple proposal, to a careful selection of influencers based on their statistics and previous results. Data plays a role in our way of working from the moment we introduce ourselves to a client. 

Our journey begins when we start writing a campaign strategy and set the KPI’s. Our expertise, combined with the data based research we conduct, allows us to make correct estimations of what we can expect and demand in all facets of a campaign. By thinking one step ahead, we work efficiently and make sure we set the bar as high as we can. 

While the campaign is running, we track the results closely at all times. Monitoring and anticipating early helps to improve the campaign results. In addition to this, we always search for new ways to achieve the clients goals. Because of our 10 years experience we know the market so well, we can be critical and make confident decisions that will help the campaign flourish. 


Transparent reporting

We aim to be as transparent as possible, and provide the right information for our clients to both celebrate their successes, as to learn what they need to know for the next round. We report on standard metrics that allow optimization, such as ER (engagement rate), CTR (clickthrough rate) and others, but add some spice by measuring ROAS (return on ad spend) and report on the full funnel strategy, instead of only focussing on costs and conversion. 



Creating with CreatorIQ

We proudly partnered up with CreatorIQ last year, a tool that helps us with insights and profile research. This platform allows us to link with influencers directly, and come up with an in depth analysis of their audience. CreatorIQ not only provides us with the perfect match profiles we need, it also enables us to share the to-be approved influencer selection and campaign results with our client, in a clear and logical way. 

Curious about our way of working and what we can do for your brand? Contact us via email at hello@and-agency.com!