Navigate your brand through a crisis


As physical contact and the possibility to leave the house has decreased over this past year, having access to social media has made it possible to switch our consuming habits from offline to online. This has had a huge impact on the amount of online traffic that was generated through the use of influencer marketing and branded campaigns. 

Because of the pandemic, brands were forced to rethink their marketing strategies and come up with new and creative ideas while making sure they researched and understood their target audience.

Influencer marketing was therefore implemented excessively which resulted in consumers doing most of their purchases online. 

As the whole world is living in the same crisis, this brings a feeling of togetherness. Brands have therefore used this emotion to create unforgettable campaigns with their influencers to make sure they built and maintain a tight and trustworthy connection with their consumers.

In addition to this, it is most important for brands to also have established a good relationship with their influencers during these hard times, as it will make them both more likely to continue working together post Covid-19. This year made it harder for influencers to create the content they usually make, which resulted in a lot of the brands giving the influencers more freedom and liberty in producing their deliverables. A lot of influencers have therefore been more creative and involved in the whole process of the marketing strategy which resulted in an even stronger bond between them and the brand. 


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