Staying relevant in digital marketing

Three trends identified

The role of influencer marketing is already large, but will increase even further in the future. Every year new platforms are established, new types of content are introduced and new ways for brands to reach their target audience pop up. Let’s dive into the current top trends in influencer marketing!

Video content

If we look at trends in influencer marketing, the first that can be seen is that video content is becoming even more dominant online. People enjoy watching videos, like TikTok, Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV and especially YouTube videos. Besides the fun factor, videos are becoming more important for influencer marketing because they are more shared and liked than traditional types of content. A report from Cisco confirmed that 86% of all online content will be videos next year.


Another trend that has been identified is the increasing importance of authentic content. Influencers have started to share more “real” content online, and not just polished and perfect pictures. Authenticity is one of the most effective ways to build a digital community. Sharing content about body positivity, inclusivity and diversity ensures that the audience can truly identify with the influencers. One of our talents, Sophie Ousri, is a great example of a well-known influencer who shows a lot of real content about body positivity. 


Micro influencers

Finally, micro influencers are becoming more important to brands. These influencers, with usually less than 25.000 followers, are deeply connected to their target audience and have the highest engagement rates. They feel “closer” to their audience, because their audience isn’t too big. By focusing on micro influencers, brands will be able to stretch their marketing budget while reaching a more engaged audience. We at &.agency are currently working with a lot of micro influencers. For example, we successfully managed an amazing project for The Athlete’s Foot – in which the new sustainable adidas collection was launched. Through the use of micro influencers we were able to create more brand awareness for The Athlete’s Foot. Take a look at our socials to see more about this project! 

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