Influencers & social responsibility


With great reach comes great responsibility

Among influencers, there seems to be an increasing feeling of importance towards using their platforms for good. This new trend already has a name: ISR (Influencer Social Responsibility), derived from the well-known term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Especially in times like these, many influencers are recognizing the power of their platform. Even though it is tempting to only engage in well paid collaborations for commercial purposes, an increasing number of socially responsible topics and collaborations are finding their ways to the platforms of the biggest names in the industry.

There are different ways in which influencers can contribute to society using their platform. Preferred topics range from sustainability and activism to mental health. The goals can be to inspire positivity, spread useful information or encourage helpful activism.


The month May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In this light, we at &.agency are currently working on an amazing project for Yes We Can Clinics – a clinic for teens and young adults who struggle with mental and behavioral problems. A number of Dutch influencers are contributing to this project by telling their own stories, because of the important message behind the project and the clinic. Keep an eye out for our socials where we’ll post more about this project!


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