Clubhouse, the newest hype


Explaining the hype

New social media platforms have been on the rise lately, with Clubhouse being one that was hard to miss! Just in case you have, Clubhouse is an invite-only audio-chat app that allows users to listen to, participate in or host “rooms” where conversations are taking place. Kind of like live podcasts! You can enter a room and converse with professionals, celebrities or anyone else who you otherwise would not come in contact with. It feels really personal, as if you are just casually on the phone (except anyone can listen in to your conversation).


Clubhouse was built on exclusivity: you must be invited by an existing user (who only has limited invites available). Unlike many new social media hypes such as TikTok, Clubhouse did not become popular because teenagers extensively started using it. The earliest members actually included some of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley, successful entrepreneurs, cultural influencers and other famous figures. Currently, the app is also very popular under marketeers and smaller entrepreneurs, but the hype has started to spread under nearly every field of business and entertainment.

Clubhouse is used by professionals from all different fields. There are rooms available for any specialty where experts share knowledge and discuss topics with each other. Last month, our co-founder and CEO Sophie co-hosted a room with other creative agency owners to discuss the role of creative agencies in creative industries, which more than 250 people listened in on. The app makes the distance between experts and those interested much smaller.


How can I apply Clubhouse successfully for my business?

Clubhouse can be a valuable tool for your business if you use it wisely. One of the benefits, especially if you are an entrepreneur, is to learn from experts in fields you could use some brushing up. Additionally, hosting rooms can be a great way of getting new business. Go out there, tell everyone what you and your business can do! This also works the other way around; find people with skills you need in rooms on this topic. Clubhouse is on the rise, so this is the time to experiment, discover, play around and see what Clubhouse can do for you and your brand.


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